Love Tangle – Helen Townsend – Book Review

Love Tangle Helen Townsend

Love Tangle – Helen Townsend – Book Review

This was the latest good read from Helen Townsend, except, it was far from a good read. It was filled with dark neurosis, intensely unhappy relationships, including mother and daughter, husband and wife, engaged couples, children and parents………….

I felt totally wrung our every time I finished reading the pages, overflowing with hatred, fear and anger.

Yet in some obscure way I was intrigued that there are people out there living their lives just like this book.

I spent most of the time feeling blessed and lucky that my life is so fulfilling, abundant, and deeply satisfying in comparison. I was also thankful that I have taken the time and effort to explore my mind and the way it can work, using the ancient Hawaiian philosophy Huna. It has given me skills to use when I am confronted with every day relationship dilemmas.

So many books – So little time


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