Apple Cleanse

Apple cleanse


It is APPLE SEASON, what better time of the year to take the opportunity to cleanse your wonderful body.

Apples and Apple juice are the best blood purifier’s of all fruits, they also happen to be one of the best re-hydrators of the body [important if you wish to decelerate the ageing process].

Apples lubricate and rehydrate the whole body. The other benefit of Apples is they work directly on the liver and gall bladder, softening gall stones.

‘An Apple a day really will keep the doctor away’

All you need to do to achieve fantastic results is to eat and/or juice Apples for 3 days, eat and drink as much as you like, don’t go hungry.

It is best to eat the apples raw and organic, whole, chopped, grated, juiced, and may include 1 meal of lightly cooked with skins on as another option.

You can include non caffeine herbal tea’s during this cleanse, and don’t forget to drink water as well.

The pectin in the Apples is a natural cleanser for the liver, and helps to remove congestion.

REMEMBER to achieve maximum results include daily Coffee Enemas as part of this cleanse, as you will be pushing loads of toxins into your blood stream [toxic headaches!!] and these need to be removed from your body fast, or you will reabsorb them.

I have used this simple Apple Cleanse regularly with my clients and have experienced fabulous results, including weight loss.

Remember with all forms of cleansing, this is a temporary, short term quick fix remedy that will remove built up toxins that have accumulated in the body over many years. When you have completed this 3 day Apple Cleanse, I would recommend you continue to eat a plant based diet including loads of fresh fruits and vegetables, if you are desiring to have a healthy body, and maintain a healthy, sustainable weight.

Please seek practitioner advise if you are uncertain if this cleanse would interfere with any present medical condition.

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