3 Seed Crackers – Buckwheat, Chia and Flax seeds

3 Seed Crackers Buck wheat, Chia & Flax seeds

After making so many Flax Crackers I could do it in my sleep, I finally decided to create a new, exciting, and oh so tasty version of a savoury cracker.

Let me  know what you think.

3 Seed Crackers – Buckwheat, Chia & Flax seeds


2 C raw hulled Buckwheat kernels

2 C Flax seeds – I used 1C golden and 1C brown flax

1 C Chia seeds

5 medium sized Zucchini’s

2 large Onions – Red or Brown [or sweet if you are lucky enough to live on Kauai]

1 large knob of fresh Turmeric – optional or 1TB’s Turmeric powder, and/or Cumin powder

1TB’s Himalayan salt – this is optional, you could use Tamari, Bragg’s, or Shoyu

2 C water – this may alter depending on how juicy the Zucchini’s and Onions are.


Soak the buckwheat over night, then rinse and drain before use.

Wash and slice zucchini’s, place them into a blender with 1 C water, puree to a smooth paste

Peel and dice onion and fresh turmeric, place in blender with 1 C water and puree to a smooth paste

Place soaked buckwheat, flax and chia seeds in a large mixing bowl, add wet ingredients and mix well

Add salt ingredients to taste or omit

* These are the ingredients I chose for this recipe, but it could easily be converted in so many ways

You could use any vegetable of choice, add any spices of choice or vary the seeds to your choice, it will all taste fabulous.

Once you have mixed the ingredients to a sticky paste, divide into 5 portions,  place on teflex sheets and put into a dehydrator for 24 hours or until crisp.

As an added bonus I promise your home will smell divine while these crackers are doing there thing

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