Fermented Choko Leeks and Dill

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After having so much success with Fermenting cabbage ‘Sauerkraut’ and mixed vegetables ‘Kim Chi’ I leapt enthusiastically into making a batch of Choko, leeks and dill. Choko’s are so cheap here in Queensland Australia right now, I have paid as little as 20c per choko at the local farmers markets, or even better, a bag of these gems as a gift.

What better way of preparing Choko’s than fermenting them ?

Here is my recipe to share with you 🙂

I used 5 choko’s sliced into thin slices on the V Slicer, but you could grate them or cube them

I placed the prepared choko in a large stainless bowl and massaged 1 TB himalayan salt into them [ the salt should be added to your personal salt taste levels – add more if you prefer]

They do release a lot of juicy liquid so I did not add any water

Then I added 3 finely chopped leeks and 1/2 a bunch of dill

I massaged all the ingredients again for about 5 mins, then add the mix to glass jars, only filling them to 3/4 full to allow expansion.

Now they will sit on my kitchen bench with the lids on loosely for 3-7 days, again the length of time you leave them to ferment is a personal taste thing 🙂

I can only encourage you to give this ‘Demented Fermented’ thing a go, it is so EZY, so cheap, and so good for you.

LOL Roslyn ‘Friends in Food’


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