Raw Freedom – Frederic Patenaude -Book Review


Raw Freedom – Frederic Patenaude – Book Review

Having experienced life in the raw food world for a time, I was lucky enough to have met Frederic at a raw food seminar where he was a guest speaker. This was back in 2011, and he was already paving the way for change amongst this radical and at times fanatical eating group.


Frederic was a leader of the raw food movement when it got started back in 1998, along with David Wolfe, he experienced eating a raw food lifestyles on many levels and wrote freely and honestly how this lifestyle affected him personally. It has been this honesty that has always gained my respect.

He has authored several books, including Raw Food Controversies.

Raw Freedom his latest book only released last week is bound to cause a stir in the Raw Food community, as his opinion is frank and honest screaming in the faces of the 100% Raw world. He is even so brave as to discuss the eating of animal products.

Whilst my personal Raw journey saw me living and teaching the lifestyle for a couple of years, it was when the temperatures dropped, that sent me scurrying to my pots and pans to prepare a good warm bowl of veggies. I found it easy to live the raw lifestyle, cause we usually trade our winters for the warm balmy days of Hawaii.

My eating habits now do include some cooked veggies in the way of soups, plus some quinoa and lentils, I still stay clear of nuts and oils other than chia and flax seeds for the essential Omega 3. I do also alternate some pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement, maybe twice a week.

I can only recommend if you are struggling with staying 100% raw, or want some good honest information on eating a healthy food plan, that you get yourself a copy of Frederic’s latest book Raw Freedom.

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