Dahling Kim Chi


Dahling Kim Chi Dish

My Kitchen is overflowing with jars of fermented vegetable concoctions, thought I would share my yummiest creation. Totally warming, nurturing and so nutrient rich 🙂 did I say 2EZY ?

I make a batch of red and green lentils plus a mix of black, red and white quinoa, I store these in separate containers in the fridge, ready to add to any veggies, soups or salads, hot or cold.

My first meal of the day is usually fruit, but I have felt like something warmer these past few days, so I have warmed up a mix of the pulses and seeds and added some Kim Chi, Sauerkraut and my latest fermented veg mix pineapple ginger kimchi.

Today I cooked some moong dahl [mung bean] using 2 cups of moong dahl soaked overnight and cooked for 10-15 mins or until soft and mushy, [a GR8 alternative to oats in the morning if you are wanting to get off the grains] I add this to the quinoa, and lentils and the fermented veggie mix, plus 1/2 TB chia seeds and 1 teaspoon of ground golden flax seeds, 1 TB fish oil, 1TB maca powder and 1 TB Hawaiian pacifica Spirulina powder – DELISH 🙂

Demented Fermented 🙂 LOL Roslyn

Here is my ‘How to cook Quinoa’ video, it might help, as I cook the dahl this way 🙂 and How to make Fermented Vegetables

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