Fermented Vegetables – Turmeric


Fermented Vegetables – Turmeric

Now guy’s this one is simply 2EZY, there are absolutely no excuses, for not having a go at this πŸ™‚

I was recently gifted a huge load of the freshest, richest, potent Turmeric, we use it daily in juices, soups, salads and of course now in Kim Chi. Turmeric is an awesome little root πŸ™‚ GR8 for inflammation and anti cancer remedies.

I usually freeze left over Turmeric, but find it less than satisfying when it is defrosted, it is a little limp and lacking vitality, so revved up and full of enthusiasm I decided to try fermenting it.

Here is what I did πŸ™‚

Washed and brush scrubbed a whole lot of turmeric, I did not feel it necessary to peel it.

Sliced thinly with a VSlicer, but you could grate it or mash it, depending on what kitchen gadgets you have.

Sprinkled with 1 TB Himalayan Salt and a small amount of water, water and salt amounts would vary depending on how much turmeric you are using.

Mix them well and place into jars, leaving about 1 inch space at the top, place the lid on loosely and leave on your bench for 3-4 days. Then refrigerate.

I will use this in salads, soups and Kim chi


2EZY πŸ™‚ Demented Fermented LOL Roslyn


One thought on “Fermented Vegetables – Turmeric

  1. Great idea. Im really enjoying turmeric these days. Although I do not love the flavour I love it for it healing purposes.

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