Kraut Krisps


Kraut Krisps

These are such a delicious alternative to the Flax Cracker, they are lighter and a guaranteed winner with the kids.


1C soaked hulled buckwheat

1C golden flax seeds

1C brown flax seeds

left over pulp from our morning juice – you could add some blended veg

4TB nutritional yeast or brewers yeast

1TB salt optional

1C ground wakame – sea vegetable

1C dulse flakes – sea vegetable

2C fermented veg. – sauerkraut, kim chi

2 large knobs of fresh turmeric

1 pinch black pepper optional


Grind flax seeds and wakame to a fine powder

Place all dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl and mix well

In a blender puree, fresh turmeric, and fermented veg, pour over dry ingredients

Add the pulp or blend some  veg mix of choice and 1C water – you could use juice

Add to dry ingredients and mix well

Blend soaked buckwheat with 1C water to a foamy mix and add to other ingredients

Depending on the mix you now have, you may need a little extra water to make a thick batter like consistency

When you have all the ingredients mixed well add 2 scoops of the mix to a teflex sheet on your dehydrator tray, make sure they are spread super thin, almost like you can see thru them.

Place in dehydrator at a desired temp. I like to give them a bit of a blast at 68* c, this guarantees they will be crispy, but if you are following a strict raw theme keep your temp under 43*

I generally put a tray in around 11ish in the morning and they are ready for T.V snack time in the evening, but you will need to leave them longer if you are using a lower temp. make sure you flip and remove the teflex sheet 1/2 way thru the drying process, this will ensure Krispy Kraut Krsips 🙂

If your family is like mine they will be waiting at the dehydrator door for these beauties to be ready 🙂

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