Fermented Vegetables – Red Cabbage


Fermented Vegetables – Red Cabbage

How can you not  fall totally 100% in love with a red cabbage ??

Just looking at the colours, you have to feel the vitality and aliveness that this amazing vegetable offers.

Fermenting the red cabbage captures all its potency, gathers all the nutrients and combines them with lactic acid and produces a food so rich in nutrients ready to be immersed into your gut, giving your body a cellular celebration 🙂

This is just how EZY it is to make your own Red Cabbage Kraut


1 red cabbage

1 -2 TB himalayan salt

1/2 – 1 litre water


Shred cabbage and place in a large mixing bowl, mix salt in water and pour over cabbage, massage liquid thru cabbage for about 5 mins, place cabbage in clean glass jars or a pottery crock pressing cabbage down into the jars, releasing air, pour extra brine to cover cabbage.

Allow a good amount of space at the top of the jar, for the veg to expand, and prevent an overflow.

Place lids lightly on jars

Keep the jars on the kitchen bench at room temp. for 3 days, do a taste test, if it has reached the required personal flavour, you can store your jars in the fridge. You might want to keep the jars out for a few more days to reach a stronger flavour. The choice is yours.

I have kept some of my brews out of the fridge up to 2 weeks, I feel it enhances the flavour.

The development of the flavour will depend on the temp. and humidity in your kitchen, obviously the time needed to reach your desired flavour will vary from Hawaii to Alaska 🙂


Why not have a go 🙂

Yours truly Demented Fermented Roslyn 🙂


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