Fermented Vegetables – Bodyologie – Robynne Dodds

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I attended a fabulous class with Robynne Dodds at Kunara Organic market place on wednesday night, it was the first in a series of classes on fermented foods. Wednesday’s class covered a whole range of information on how to ferment you own veggies, making sauerkraut, kim chi, plus a sensational fermented veggie juice.

Robynne covered a range of topics to assist anyone setting out to make their own brew, including – What are Lacto-Fermented foods, Benefits of Fermented foods, the science of Lacto – Fermentaion, using a starter culture, making your own brine, the varying methods of fermentation, plus the equipment and ingredients to use when fermenting your own produce.

Robynne supplied some wonderful recipes on the night and we got to taste a few different kim chi’s, sauerkrauts, and fermented veggie juices [which are suitable for feeding newborn babies, perfect for all the cesarean born babies that miss the vital probiotics gained with vaginal births]

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of an enthusiastic class, sharing our knowledge, passion and experience of fermented foods.

Robynne’s next class is on Wednesday 12th June 2013 6pm-8:30pm at Kunara organic market place Forest Glen, Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia and the topic will be Kefir, she will be taking a class on Nut and Seed milks and cheeses the following week Wednesday 19th June.

If you are interested in attending these classes please contact Robynne directly on her website http://www.bodyologie.com/events/

Email : robynne@bodyologie.com

P1010693   P1010687   P1010689

Robynne demonstrating the airlock top, a happy group of fermenters, and the free  gift of sauerkraut 🙂

I totally encourage you to head along to Robynnes’ classes  if you want to know anything about fermenting foods.

LOL Roslyn


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