Final Farewell Newsletter – Aloha Mana

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Final Farewell Newsletter

Writing the final Newsletter for Uttley Raw Food comes with lots of feelings, my first thoughts are filled with joy in the future adventures that Jim and I will be having together, we have always been gypsy’s and our stay at Aloha Mana in Buderim, Queensland, Australia was the longest we have lived anywhere other than our child hood homes.

The truth is, we have both learned and grown so much thru being here, having developed new careers, in massage, colon hydrotherapy, nutrition, teaching cooking and raw food classes, hosting retreats and seminars on many diverse topics and themes, holding regular mediation classes for 4 years and  hosting international speakers.

On a personal level, living at Aloha Mana gave us an opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Jim developed our tropical garden over 13 years, planting hundreds of palms, tropical plants, most with an Hawaiian influence plus an assortment of fruit trees, living in our garden paradise was simply that ‘Paradise’

We have met 1000’s of people during our time here, each one bringing their own unique specialness that offered us a choice to grow and learn from.

We could never have imagined what a gift Aloha Mana would give us, in living, working and sharing it’s beauty. But it is time for us to move on, we both want to travel and experience the beauty of other places, we are also open to what ever opportunity may present to us, loving and embracing change, being flexible to possibilities head the way for our future together.

There has been an added bonus to leaving Aloha Mana in that I have been able to train a beautiful young, enthusiastic woman to continue the role of Colon Hydrotherapist, her name is Amy Stewart, she will be opening her clinic in Pt. Cartwright on the Sunshine Coast, so all my clients will be able to take advantage of a local therapist.

There have been countless personal stories shared with me and I feel incredibly humbled by other peoples journeys in their search for health. Kristy Blaikies story was one that particularly touched my heart as she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, the same condition that my mother died from some 30 years earlier. Kristy very generously agreed to tell her story on video, sharing it with such honesty, I have no doubt you will be touched by her commitment and dedication to her health.

For those wanting to continue to stay in touch are welcome to cross over to my Uttley Raw Food Facebook page where I post daily messages of inspiration and tips on health.

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I have also set up a personal Blog page Travel, Photo’s, Food and Life, it is here I get to post video’s, travel adventures, recipes, health information, and what ever I am feeling passionate about, to follow me there you can click on this link.

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Here is the link to my You tube channel where you can connect to all the video’s I post


Amy will be continuing this website, with a new look and name Inner Beauty, she will be keeping most of the content and spicing it up with advise on beauty treatments and children’s health.

You can book your appointment with Amy by phoning her on 0403 460 566

Thank you for all your support, encouragement and comments over the years, I look forward to continuing our connection in what ever way that can work for you.

LOL Roslyn & Jim

Final Farewell Newsletter  video 

Aerial Aloha Mana 005

Introducing Amy Stewart video link


Kristy Blaikie Herstory – Living with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma video link

Kristy 5

One thought on “Final Farewell Newsletter – Aloha Mana

  1. It has been a privilege knowing you both you brought so much more into my life.I always liked coming to your place it was
    an island of tranquility.Have lots of happy memories and you will be missed

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