Marinated Mushrooms with Zucchini Pasta


Needing some inspiration about what to make for dinner or maybe lunch or maybe just a 2 EZY low calorie, no fat snack.

Marinated Mushrooms with Zucchini Pasta


2 medium sized zucchini’s approx. 350g at 16 calories per 100g = 56 calories

1 large mushroom, the one I used was 250g at 14  calories per 100g = 35 calories

a good slurp of balsamic vinegar

Method Finely chop mushroom into small bits, place in a bowl and pour over balsamic vinegar

Allow to marinate for a few hours, or over night.

Using a spirooli or spiralizer make zucchini pasta

Add marinated mushrooms to zucchini pasta

Thats it 🙂 Eat and enJOY at under 100 calories, you might ho back for seconds

Variation You could replace the balsamic vinegar with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and maybe add some chilli or you favourite spice.


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