Changing Your Eating Patterns


Leading up to seeing Maria Waldock, my local Live and Dry Blood specialist, I knew I was developing some questionable eating patterns. With the process of selling our home taking 9 months and shifting house, my tension levels were a tad high, and I know only to well that I eat with my emotions fully engaged, so I had developed a love of a enjoying, embracing and adoring a morning cup of Kauai Coffee, with coconut sugar. 🙂

I knew in my heart or really my fingers and feet, as they ached every morning when I woke up, the stiffness was my message that my levels of acidity was on the rise. Along with my restless legs at night a sure symptom for me that me magnesium levels were being affected by the overdose of sugar.

Weird how my emotions overrode my sense of knowing that what I was doing was affecting my health, I made all the excuses, that if something could bring me such a level of bliss, as my morning cup of java could, then surely it could not do me any harm, and after all it was only 1 cup per day !

But it was not just the coffee I was drinking it was the sugar craving that had developed, it was nothing for me to add honey, in large amounts to something herbal later in the day, in fact honey straight from the spoon was not out of the question.

So I was keen to see Maria to check out what was going on on the inside.

It was very evident with the sight of the blood on the screen that I was not absorbing all the rich nutrient foods I eat on a daily basis, it was pale and there was clear signs of inflammation. There was also signs of a parasite, thankfully only slight, but never the less another sign my gut was not functioning properly. The levels of yeast were surprisingly low, considering the amount of sugar I had been consuming. My liver wasn’t happy, neither was my pancreas, any wonder with the coffee and sugar I was having.

The reason I see Maria and have regular blood analysis is to monitor and recheck any early signs of any imbalances that may be occurring so I can make any changes required before they affect my health to any serious degree.

Maria’s opinion of what was the cause of all this imbalance was that I was low in Hydrochloric Acid in my gut and that was preventing the proper absorption of nutrients, which was then having a domino effect on everything else, creating the sugar craving, creating the lack of magnesium, adding to the acid levels creating the aching stiffness in my extremities and preventing my liver from doing what it needs to do.

With all the moving about I have also not been able to do my daily coffee enemas which would also be contributing to the build up of toxins in my system.

So with all this information in place, I immediately made the very necessary changes in my diet  to create the necessary changes in my body 2EZY 🙂 I took along 2 beautiful granny smith apples to start my apple cleanse and stopped off on the way home to buy some truly delicious apples to have over the next few days, plus organic carrots and beetroot so I can have C A B A L A juice – Carrot, Apple [red], Beetroot, Apple [green], Lemon, Apple [yellow] this is a fabulous juice invented by Don Tolman.

My early morning coffee/sugar indulgence was gone in a heart beat, replaced with CABALA juice and apples, I will eat apples and have juice through out the day and have some lightly steamed vegetables at night. Excluding all grains and fats including my daily supplements of spirilina, maca, chia, flax seeds and oil.

I feel it is important to start with a clean slate when re-establishing a new regime, so by cutting out and scaling down on everything that could be affecting my base levels, I can then add back what I feel I need most, by listening to my body.

I will also stop my probiotics and concentrate on a 3 week program of parasite mix, the one I use is Triplex which  includes loads of effective herbs that will have those critters moving out.

I personally need a catalyst to make a change in my dietary patterns, visiting Maria was just what I needed to put me back on track, to readjust, to tweak and to put the necessary changes in place to make it work. I have done this so many times, I do not ever feel I have failed or let myself down because I have made some silly – health – food choices, that is simply living, but what I recognise fully is the need is to address the change.

Giving up my morning coffee/sugar hit was easy, no debilitating headaches and no cravings, just a huge desire to do the best job I can for my body, and continue to readjust any thoughts and choices I may need to make in the future. Being consciously aware about the base reasons I was going down that track and the domino affect it was having on my body in so many ways, was purely and simply my personal need to nurture and  indulge myself with food, because during the past few months life was a little chaotic and I needed an escape. I am now settled, free, happy and at peace so I can make those changes around my food choices with all the awareness I have.

My thoughts in sharing this Blog is just maybe it might inspire others to address any changes that may need to be made around eating a health diet for your body to be the best it can be 🙂

LOL Roslyn 🙂


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