When you hear the word ‘Meditation’ what springs to mind, I guarantee it will be different for each individual person.

I taught the ancient Hawaiian philosophy of Huna for over 4 years, using a variety of forms of meditation as a vehicle to deliver the message, knowing it was received by each individual person in their own style and version depending on their life’s experiences.

After attending a silent 10 day retreat at a Vipassana  in Pomona Queensland, I left with a sense of change, but not fully understanding or comprehending the effect until many years later.

Meditation has as many differing forms as there are people who practice it. There are moving meditations, sitting, silent, guided, spiritual, religious, meditations with music, trance and dance meditations, but what ultimately are they attempting to achieve ?

Are you the person who tries valiantly to sit in the lotus position, thumb and fingers joined in circle, tongue pressed firmly against the roof of your mouth, thinking ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ or raging against all the thoughts that are racing around your mind ?

After many years of personal meditation practice, I came across an interview with Oliver Burkeman [ABC One plus one] – recently who summed up the meaning of meditation to perfection – in my view anyway.

‘The art of meditation is not to stop thinking, not trying to get your mind to be calm, just trying to be present with whatever comes up, your not going to stop thinking, like people mistakingly think about a lot of meditation. It is a question of relating to your thoughts and emotions like a weather pattern, they come and they go, you don’t need to cling to the good ones and push away the bad ones.’

I found this description so simple as to be almost profound.

To me the explanation means to be at perfect peace and total understanding with whatever comes through your mind. To be able to question and engage in your own conversation, get your own answers and the clincher ‘Let it Go’

I know in writing this, each one of you reading these words will relate in your own way, but I guess the base line here is to be able to sit quietly in your own skin and be comfortable with your own thoughts. This practice will go on to build a more meaningful and confident relationship with self.

LOL Roslyn

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