Black Sapote

Sapote Nov 2010 (16)

Black Sapote ~ Chocolate Sapote ~ Chocolate Pudding Fruit 

“A Rose by any name would ……………… Yes let’s get poetic and romantic about this precious, sweet, delicious, exotic, tropical fruit, because it deserves it.

Sapote season starts in October and runs thru until late December, if we are lucky January, here on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia. Technically our climate is border line sub – tropical, but this fruity-beauty grows perfectly. This fruit is a member of the persimmon family and a native of Mexico, also flourishes in tropical regions around the world.

I am able to purchase my seasonal supply locally, the fruits are usually still quite hard, when I get them, but only take a few days to a week to develop a darker skin and a soft mushy flesh. At this point I put the fruit in the fridge until we are ready to eat them. When I have an abunDANCE, I will scoop out the flesh and freeze it in trays.

1 cup of flesh yields approx. 142 calories, 2.6g protein, 0.8g fat, 34g carbohydrate, 360g potassium, 22mg Vitamin C, 420IU Vitamin A

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