Calcium Good or Bad


Here is my latest video on Calcium Good & Bad, but firstly let me explain the differences between a plant sourced Calcium and Rock.

Calcium is a mineral and all minerals are metals.

Caltrate is Calcium Carbonate

The simple act of taking Vitamins with Minerals can promote bad health. Metals, when added to the body, must be bound to an Enzyme, like a horse pulling a cart (the metal) to where it belongs and can be used by the body. When the body is unable to respond with the proper metalloenzyme, bad health can occur.

Calcium not only makes up your bones, it’s also found in your nerves, muscles and most of the cells in your body. Calcium, along with other vitamins and metals, are in water and food sources you eat.

There are two common forms of calcium and dozens of chemical compounds of calcium. One good, the other very bad.

There are more than 60 chemical forms of calcium: Calcium Citrate, Calcium acetate, Calcium benzoate, Calcium Bromate, Carbonate, Chlorate, Chloride, Chromate, Fluoride, Hydroxide, Oxide, Nitrite, and on and on. Your body needs calcium, but the calcium it needs has to be water soluble, digestible, and recognized by the body. From there, the body then has to chemically process it.

All calcium is not water soluble, nor is it digestible or recognizable by the body, therefore, the body is unable to process it effectively.

Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Gluconate and Calcium Lactate are processed from limestone and/or chalk and Calcium Hydroxyapatite is derived from crushed animal bones.

Water, and vegetables are the best source of calcium.

1. Calcium Carbonate (Bad) – causes scale and plaque. Coral Calcium is another carbonate based calcium.

2. Calcium Bicarbonate (Very Good and very water soluble) – found in fruits and vegetables this calcium builds strong bones when it is properly bound to enzymes and converted by the body.

There is a big difference between the many types of calcium. Calcium carbonate is crushed Limestone, clam shells and marble and are like scale in your plumbing. This form of calcium is not soluble in water and is not bio-available to the digestive tract. When calcium is taken in the bad form like calcium carbonate, the body tends to put it anywhere it wants to.

IF Bad Calcium builds up in the arteries can restrict blood flow to the heart and brain which may cause major health issues.

The ‘Green Calcium’ that I use personally has 34% content of elemental Calcium and has a 102% greater uptake by the body than rock based calciums.

I suggest you visit for more information.


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