Coffee Enema – Should you use a Light or Medium Roast Coffee ??


This is a question that I am often asked, due to the small increase of caffeine in the lighter roast coffee, some people are suggesting that this is the one the Gerson Clinic recommends.
I would like to dispel that myth, by including a personal reply direct from the Gerson Institute explaining in full their reason behind recommending a medium roasted coffee for an Enema.
Dear Roslyn,

Thank you for your interest in the Gerson Therapy and for your inquiry. I will respond to your questions as outlined below:

 1)      The Gerson Therapy calls for a medium roast coffee, not a light roast. The difference and purpose for coffee enemas between the varying roasts of coffee is primarily the caffeine content, not palmatates. The lighter roast will have more caffeine, therefore a darker roast will have less. The medium roast was found to have the appropriate amount of caffeine for patients, and not too stimulating for a majority of them.

 2)      There may not necessarily be a difference in the benefits of the light roast vs. medium roast. However, there is a difference in the caffeine content as I previously mentioned. Some patients have previously ordered coffee from the S.A. Wilson company which offers a light roast coffee. Unfortunately, the higher caffeine content tends to bother some patients who are sensitive to caffeine. This may result in disruption of sleep, hyperactivity, anxiety, heart palpitations, etc. and for these reasons we suggest the medium roasted coffees.

 3)      We have not done any independent studies on any aspects of the Gerson Therapy, including the palmatates in coffee. This is primarily because of funding and we do not have the resources to run such a study. We are currently focused on ensuring patients are able to use the Gerson Therapy, educating them enough to do so, and follow-up with patients who are currently using it. Our study focus is on how patients are recovering and their rate of success, not on any individual aspect of the treatment.

 I hope this information is helpful, and please let me know if you need any other information.

 Warm Regards,

 Kayla Courtney

 Education Department Specialist

Gerson Institute

P.O. Box 161358

San Diego, CA 92176

Phone: 858.694.0707 ext. 117

Fax: 858.694.0757

 Whilst there maybe some conjecture over a light or medium roast coffee, it is absolutely essential to use an Organic Coffee for an Enema.

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3 thoughts on “Coffee Enema – Should you use a Light or Medium Roast Coffee ??

  1. Hello, Thank you for sharing Gerson’s clinic’s letter of clarifying the different roast of coffee. Does does it mean coffee should not be raw? Thanks. SongLinh

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