Easter Feaster !!


Easter Feasting ??

Can someone please explain why the vast majority of people eat themselves stupid over Easter ?

What insane idea is it to stuff as much Chocolate and Hot cross bun into their faces ?

Why are we buying bunny’s and eggs ?

A recent Facebook  post, asked what was on your Easter Table ? and preceded to share a table laden with crap. Any wonder people are sick, overweight, and suffering from chronic disease !!!

Wake up people, eating crap will make you look and feel like crap !!

And don’t think it is all hunky dory if you have chugalugged a face full of Raw Food cake, or Raw Gourmet crap, loaded with FAT, fat is still fat, pure and simple !!

Anyway that is my rant on Easter Feasting, what is your view ??

Roslyn Uttleymoore

4 thoughts on “Easter Feaster !!

  1. Agree with you wholeheartatly but everyone has choices.I never buy any chocolate eggs or bun us for my grand kids
    So one can only hope they make the right choice

  2. I heartily agree when I see the extent of how Easter has become so commercialised – but spare a thought for those of us who fast during Lent, a time of contemplation and sharing the resources that we save with the less fortunate – a noble and ancient tradition. Easter Sunday marks the end of Lent and is a joyous celebration, especially for children who receive well deserved treats. Ps our family enjoy warm buttery toasted hot cross buns only on the Easter weekend, beginning on Good Friday. Even I am shocked to see them appearing weeks beforehand and sometimes for months after. Bit like having birthday cake every day… Defeats the whole point of the object of a treat to mark a special occasion. Call it secularisation, call it lack of education or call it what it is…. Greed! Someone made a comment to the effect that half the world are starving while the other half are on diet. No sense to it.

    • Thank you Sharon for stopping by and leaving your comment 🙂 I truly appreciate the sharing.
      I agree with your reasons for celebrating and enjoying the fasting and feasting.
      Let’s hope this little Blog can inspire others to eat without greed.
      LOL Roslyn

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